Window and Door Locking /Closing Problems

PVC, aluminium and some wooden windows use friction hinges for opening.  These are placed at the top and bottom of a 'side hung' window and at the sides of a 'top hung window'.  Over a period of time, these hinges will fail causing the window to not shut properly in one or more of the corners.  Generally, replacement hinges will need to be fitted.

The locking mechanisms on PVC windows and doors are prone to failing.  This will cause the window or door to lock shut or be unable to be closed securely.

Glass is Sharp can replace friction hinges on most window types and can replace the locking mechanisms on most PVC windows and doors.  We can also fit new handles to most windows and doors, locking barrels and hinges to most PVC doors.

Some doors and windows are 'catching' and this is something that we can usually correct with a little bit of adjusting.

Glass is Sharp, Foxglove Road, Seaton, Devon.  EX12 2UZ.    Tel: 0800 612 4704

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